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Crisis in Africa - Help 4 Poor Needed Urgently

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More than 12 million people in East Africa are facing desperate food shortages amidst the worst drought in 60 years. Rains have failed for successive seasons and families across Djibouti, Uganda Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are struggling to find anything to eat and drink. The worst drought in the horn of Africa has sparked a severe food crisis and high malnutrition rates, with parts of Kenya and Somalia experiencing pre-famine conditions, the United Nations has said. Isaar Trust will·assist in providing poor families with humanitarian assistance (food, medical, shelter).·

Water Well Projects

In poor countries particularly those affected by floods, ~ 80% of health disease is linked directly to either lack of water or impurities/diseased water. We installed water hand-pumps in numerous households as well as initiated the construction of water bore projects. These projects were successfully implemented between October 2010 - January 2011.


Burma Crisis Appeal - Help The Oppressed

SMS Mobile Donation: Text word BURM10£x to 70070 (x equals £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10)

The 1 million Muslim Rohingya community in Burma's Arakan state have been under siege by the local Bhuddist Rakhine community. The UN have described the Rohingya as 'the most persecuted community in the world' and have referenced the Rohingya as the Palestine of Asia. Rohingya have been living in Myanmar from as far back as the 8th Century. In recent weeks, villages belonging to the Rohingya have been burnt to the ground, whilst refugees fleeing to other countries have been refused entry left to fend for themselves on board rickety boats on rough seas. The Myanmerese Government refuse to accept Rohingya as citizens and as such have no rights in a country they call their motherland.

Widows Support Programme

Widows in countries where poor ?governance is common and there is no social welfare system to assist in the long term means we have to be creative in ways which we can assist. One such example is to provide sewing machines to widows who can utilise their existing skills or when fully trained up to sew clothes·which will allow them to generate income within the local community thus being able to provide for themselves and their offspring. Sewing machines were distributed amongst widows within the Pakistan flood hit areas i.e. Tarnab, Charsadda, Pakistan.



Support Schools & Orphanges

In order for the potential of young people to be realised communities, individuals and NGOs must be willing to invest in their future for the medium-long term, and as a consequence live to see the end results of their effort and labour. Building orphanages with multi-purpose in-house educational facilities is one way forward for young poor, orphaned people, and it is our duty to help to achieve this.


Family Food Aid Packs. For more pictures please view our Picture Gallery

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